Returning to Live Worship

Roanridge church of Christ

Returning to Live Worship

We are living in interesting times. Christians have always lived in interesting times.

But as servants of God, we are to be shining lights to the world even in difficult times. We are

to love and respect each other as well as those in our community. We need to respect not only the physical health and well-being but also try to provide peace of mind for those who may be a little uneasy but still want to be able to worship together in person.


The elders, and Wayne have all been working together using information from the CDC, Missouri Department of Health, Platte County, and the City of Kansas City and factoring in considerations unique to our church family in order to design a protocol that will allow us to all worship together in person.


We’re all having to adapt, and we’re asking for everyone’s cooperation as we continue to work through what this looks like – today, next week and for however long we need to make special accommodations.


If you have specific questions about the procedures we will be using, please contact one of the elders.


In-Person Services after August 1, 2020


As directed by the elders, in order to resume in-person worship services, it will be necessary to adhere to social distancing guidelines. This is for the safety and peace of mind of all those worshiping with us.


General Info:

  • Visitors are welcome (subject to social distancing guidelines).

  • Masks are recommended for children older than 3-9 yrs. at all times. Please bring your own as we have a limited number of masks available.

  • Children should remain with parents at all times.

  • Cleaning / sanitizing will occur often.


Parking & Building Entry:

  • Maintain 6 feet between others while awaiting entry.


Upon entry:

  • We will ask to take the temperature of those entering, be patient as we do this (and keep your distance while waiting your turn).

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided, or members can use their own upon entering.

  • Worshippers will be asked to go directly to their seats upon entry – no congregating in the foyer; please be seated 5 minutes prior to worship start time.



  • Please take all personal belongings with you – this includes your Bibles, activities you brought for young children, or blankets.

  • Because the auditorium will be cleaned often, any item that is left on the pew may be removed.

  • We will not be able to linger and congregate in foyer.

  • If you want to visit briefly with other people, do so in the parking lot, but maintain social distancing.

  • Please do not block any of the entrance or exit areas.


During Worship Service Times:

  • We are meeting at ALL our normal meeting times (Bible classes & worship services).

  • We want to ensure that everyone who wants to attend is able and to allow for potential visitors.

  • Older members and those who may be at higher health risks should consider watching the live stream.


Masks required / No-contact greetings required:

  • Masks will be required for anyone older than 5 yrs. inside the building.

  • Masks need to be covering faces at ALL times inside the building.

  • While seated you may remove your mask while you are partaking of the Lord’s Supper.

  • We must wear masks when singing as singing pushes moisture droplets further than 6 feet during the act of singing. (God will still hear you the same through your mask!)

  • We will have masks available for visitors, but we are encouraging members to please bring their own.

  • We will not be able to shake hands or hug yet – but feel free to “air high five” and pray that we will be able to greet one another closer soon!



  • We want to make our visitors feel welcome, but we must do so within the guidelines of social distancing.

  • We will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate visitors.

  • Visitors will be required to adhere to the same procedures as the membership.

  • If you are aware of specific individuals who intend to visit Roanridge, please let Wayne know so we may plan accordingly.


Additional Information

During Services:

  • We plan for the service to last about one hour. 

  • The order of services will be normal. During the live stream we are legally not allowed to stream our song service due to copyright laws.

  • We will offer the Lord’s Supper, and collect the contribution but this will not be viewed on the live stream either.

  • At the end of the Lord’s Supper a couple of the men will bring wastebaskets to collect the used cups.


  • We will project songs on a screen.

  • If anyone does have a special need for a songbook, please make that known and someone will provide one that has already been sanitized. Leave the book in your pew, and it will be picked up and sanitized for future use.