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Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
10/21/20 The Book of John - Lesson 6 - Bill Crews Bill Crews N/A Bible Class The_Book_of_John_-_Lesson_6_-_Bill_Crews.mp3
10/14/20 The Book of John - Lesson 4 - Wayne Goff Wayne Goff N/A Bible Class The_Book_of_John_-_Lesson_4_-_Wayne_Goff.mp3
09/13/20 Unity by the Fruit of the Spirit Wayne Goff N/A Sun PM Unity_by_the_Fruit_of_the_Spirit_-_Wayne_Goff_-_SundayPM_9-13-20.mp3
09/01/19 Pinciples Needed for Bible Study Wayne Goff N/A Sun PM Pinciples_Needed_for_Bible_Study_-_Wayne_Goff_-_SundayPM_9-01-19.mp3
12/30/18 Almost Thou Persuadest Me to Be a Christian Bill Crews N/A Sun AM Almost_Thou_Persuadest_Me_to_Be_a_Christian_-_Bill_Crews_-_SundayPM_12-30-18.mp3
12/09/18 Habitations of God Wayne Goff N/A Sun PM Habitations_of_God_-_Wayne_Goff_-_SundayPM_12-9-18.mp3
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