2022 All-Age VBS

Join us for an all-ages VBS - July 18-21, 2022 @ 7 pm

High School thru Adults

Our auditorium class will have guest speaker Dr. Don Patton. He has worked as Geologist in US, Canada, Australia, England, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Jordan, Israel and Turkey. He has also worked as an Archeologist in the United States, Mexico, Peru, France, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Cambodia, Turkey.

His topics for the teen/adult class are:

Monday, July 18

Ark Of Noah - Factual Account Or Fairy Tale?

Tuesday, July 19

What is Creation Science? (The Media Doesn’t Know)

Wednesday, July 20

Order Of Rock Layers - Proof Of Evolution?

Thursday, July 21

The Critical Evidence Of The Fossil Record

Pre-K thru Middle School

Join us for an extraordinary opportunity to Learn God's word! Enjoy informative & faith building lessons on Creation, Dinosaurs, & the Flood. Come and enjoy singing and other activities.


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